2021 Virtual Art Mart

2nd Annual Virtual Art Mart – 2021

Sponsored by the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center

After a successful return to the in-person Art Mart (November 19-21, 2021), the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center present the 2021 Virtual Art Mart, at https://artmartbhcc.com/

The virtual Art Mart is an online showcase of North Texas visual artists that provides information about the artists, photographs of their artworks for sale, and links to their websites and/or social media accounts.  The virtual Art Mart is another tool that the Art Mart organizers are using to promote the artists from our community. You can support local artists with a purchase through Virtual Art Mart!

Virtual Art Mart Gallery is open to the public from December 5-23, at https://artmartbhcc.com/.


If you have a question or need assistance, please email communications@friendsofthebathhouse.org with your comment(s) and a phone number where we may reach you during the day.