2022 Echo Reads Festival (Postponed until Fall)


After careful consideration, the producers have determined that Echo Reads 2022 will now take place in the Fall of 2022. With pandemic-related deaths surpassing one million in the United States alone, we have decided to wait until the Fall to gather for our Echo Reads New Play Reading Festival because of an over-abundance of caution for our actors and our audiences. We feel that the audiences will be more comfortable waiting to come back to the theater and the programming will be better received and supported.”

Echo Reads is a free Theater Experience presented by Echo Theatre. Directors lightly rehearse readings of plays with professional actors who carry their scripts as they perform for the audience. After the reading, the audience is invited to stay to discuss the play with the Actors, Director, and Echo Creatives in a casual conversation. 

The Echo Reads New Play Reading Festival has been moved the the Fall of 2022.  All readings are presented live over two evenings at the Bath House Cultural Center and other venue partners in Dallas. 

Echo Reads is intended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion advised. Masks are required in the venue. No Reservation Required. Donations Accepted.


Finalist Honoree #1


TOMORROW GAME by Brandy N. Carie – Directed by Eric Berg

Clean drinking water is not a thing anymore.  Clean air is not a thing anymore.  Infrastructure is gone, order is mythic, and no one believes that help is coming.  Roe lives in isolation, with nothing but a collection of canned food and a solitary Bible.  Until she meets Bell.  Bell shows Roe a game: take off your mask and see if you can breathe. Try this vegetable, see if you wake up. Read a poem. Do more than just not-die.  But friendship can prove more dangerous than isolation.

Winner, Harold and Mimi Steinberg National Student Playwriting Award 2019

Finalist Honoree #2


FOR THE PEOPLE by Carol Mullen – Directed by Gloria Vivica Benavides

Pittsburgh City Councilor Meg Cabot is the first openly lesbian elected official in Pennsylvania. She’s less than a month into her first term when a vicious hate crime targeting the city’s Lesbian and Gay Community Center puts Meg in the middle of a media maelstrom. But this tragedy leads to new national visibility and Meg’s rising star catches the attention of Democratic Party leaders.  With her hard driving chief of staff steering her toward a once-in-a-lifetime professional opportunity, Meg decides how far she’ll go to advance her career and whether it’s possible to be both a successful politician and a good person.

Winner, Plays in Progress Series, Athena Project, 2022. Winner, Detroit New Works Festival, Outvisible Theatre, 2019.

Finalist Honoree #3


(And June 15 at The Wild Detectives)

THOSE HOLLOW BODIES by Emma Joy Hill – Directed by Hayley Shipley

In the jungle, K and Ann struggle to find what it means to be full. Meanwhile, the voyeuristic Man gorges himself in the audience, awaiting the impending danger he’s bound to commit. A play that explores how bodies are taught to love.

Finalist Honoree #4


SLEEP/WAKE by Yael Haskal – Directed by Katie Ibrahim

Miriam’s husband is dead; stabbed to death.  Did Miriam consciously kill her husband or was she sleep walking? Alice, a high school student struggling with her own dissociative episodes, becomes obsessed with Miriam’s case while studying it for her psychology project with a classmate, Henry.  A feminist study in dissociation, portraiture, and the latent power of the supine woman.

Finalist Honoree #5


DAISY VIOLET THE BITCH BEAST KING by Sam Collier – Directed by Mikaela Brooks

Sisters Josephine and Henrietta use witchcraft to create a new sister for their family – Daisy Violet, who will take the blame for all of their misdeeds and dirty dresses.  Gleeful, monstrous, and very hungry, Daisy Violet is rejected by the adults surrounding the sisters and becomes increasingly violent and ravenous.  As adults, the sisters look back on their childhood and come to realize that their memories may not be as reliable as they once thought.  A play about sisterhood, the malleability of memory, and an explosion of beauty products. Winner, Modern Works Festival, Urbanite Theatre, 2019.

Finalist Honoree #6


FROZEN FLUID: An Antarctic Gender Non-Conforming Creation Myth by Fly Jamerson – Directed by Chris Sanders

Somewhere in Mythic Antarctica, three scientists live and conduct research out on the ice, continuously becoming and unbecoming themselves as they play out the creation of the world. Through a series of fables, Frozen Fluid chronicles the arrival of phytoplankton scientist Tay and the unraveling of the fantastic Antarctic world in which they find themselves. Together, the scientists construct and deconstruct notions of gender, identity, religion, climate, and time itself.

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