Call for Entries – 2022 El Corazón

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Entries Deadline: Saturday, January 8, 2022 (Applications close at 6 PM, Central Time)

All entries must be submitted online at

Read the exhibition guidelines carefully before submitting your entries.

To download a PDF version of this prospectus, CLICK HERE.

The Bath House Cultural Center and exhibition curator, Jose Vargas, invite visual artists to submit entries for the 27th Annual El Corazón art exhibition.


Since 1993, Jose Vargas has curated the El Corazón art exhibition for the Bath House Cultural Center.  This popular exhibition is a beloved annual tradition at the center that showcases various artistic interpretations of the human heart.  This passionate and eclectic exhibition features a variety of ideas, styles, and concepts inspired by the heart (El Corazón), an important and universal symbol in art.


Although in the past we have displayed El Corazón works by local, regional, national and international artists, we will only review art by artists from North Texas for our 2022 show, given some of the shipping constraints that are currently caused by the pandemic.

Art in all media will be considered. All two-dimensional art must be properly wired and suitable for hanging. Three-dimensional art must be fully stable to stand on its own or be attached to a stable base that can sit securely on top of our pedestals.  Artists whose work requires the use of electronic equipment (video players, projectors, audio devices, computers, etc.) must provide their own equipment.

There are no restrictions on the size of the artwork, but bear in mind that artists are responsible for the transportation of their works and their prompt removal after the show closes.


An entry fee is not required. The curator will review photographs of completed artwork only and will select 50-55 pieces for the exhibition.  Unfinished artwork will not be reviewed. 

Artists may submit up to two works of art for the curator’s consideration.  The Bath House Cultural Center will not accept files submitted on CDs, removable memory sticks, or by e-mail.  All the artwork submitted and exhibited at the Bath House Cultural Center must be completely the applicant’s original idea and creation.  Art that infringes somebody else’s intellectual property rights will be disqualified and removed from the exhibition.

Only one image can be attached to an application on our submission portal. To turn in multiple entries, the artists must fill out one separate application for each submitted work of art.  

All entries must be submitted online at

By submitting your entries and participating in the exhibition, you agree to comply with all the guidelines of this show. 


Submit high resolution images.  Unless your cell phone has a camera that takes high resolution images, we recommend that you use a regular camera to photograph your artwork. Refer to the Tips For Photographing Your Artwork PDF file that can be DOWNLOADED HERE.


The exhibition curator will make a final decision for the selection of entries for the show. The decision of the curator is final and indisputable.

No artwork shall be removed from the exhibition before the closing date.

Permission to photograph and reproduce accepted entries for promotional and educational purposes is considered granted, unless otherwise indicated by the artist. 

Submission of entries constitutes agreement to the conditions set forth above and in the Gallery Policy for Exhibitions.   Download the policy using the link below:

Printed copies of the policy may also be obtained from the Bath House upon request.


The employees of the Bath House Cultural Center are not allowed to accept payments from prospective art buyers, but they can collect contact information from them.  Transactions for the purchase of artwork shall be directly between the purchaser and the artist or his/her official agent.

The Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center, a not-for-profit organization that supports the center’s visual and performing art programs, would gladly welcome a voluntary donation of 15% of the purchase value of all art sold during the exhibition. 


Any accepted artwork that is delivered after the scheduled date of delivery will not be included in the exhibition. Transportation of the art to and from the gallery will be the responsibility of the artist. The Bath House Cultural Center will not be responsible for damage, loss or deterioration of any work while in transit. All reasonable care will be given to each work of art when received. 

At its discretion, the City of Dallas will provide insurance on most works of art. In some cases, the City of Dallas may refuse to insure certain pieces of art.  Artists can choose to include their artwork in the show even when the City has informed them that their work will not be insured; however, those artists must sign a waiver releasing the gallery from any liability. 

The Bath House will not be responsible for art that is damaged while in the custody of the center as a result of defective hanging or installation mechanisms provided/installed by the artists.  As an added precaution, artists have the option to purchase coverage separately from their own insurance providers.


Exhibition Dates: February 5-March 12, 2022

Entries Deadline: Saturday, January 8, 2022 by 6 PM Central Time

Notification: The list of selected artists will be posted online at

The notification will be posted on Saturday, January 15, 2022 at 6 PM.  

Artists are solely responsible for reviewing the notification.  The curator will not send acceptance notifications to each individual artist by phone, e-mail, or otherwise. 

In-Person Art Deliveries: Sunday, January 30, 2022 (1-3 PM).  Late deliveries will not be accepted.

Incoming Art Shipments: Although we prefer hand-delivered items for this year’s show, if an artist is shipping artwork to us, those deliveries must arrive between January 24-27, 2022.

Reception: Saturday, February 5, 2022 (5-8 PM)

Art Pick Up: Sunday, March 13, 2022 (12-2 PM)

Return of Shipped Artwork: Artwork that comes from outside of Dallas will be shipped back to the artists on the week of March 26, 2022.


Please contact Enrique Fernández Cervantes at (214) 670-8723 or or Jose Vargas at