Talking Dirty After Dark Open Mic

Talking Dirty: Stewpot Story Jam

Saturday, April 29, 2023, 10:00 PM
Bath House Cultural Center, Lake Level

Listeners/ Audience

Talking Dirty After Dark is a live storytelling event where people tell true stories from their own personal experiences to a live audience. The stories performed by the artist are firsthand accounts and completely true. This is an open content event and some colorful language may be used during the telling of these stories sensitive listeners please advise.


Talking Dirty is hosting its very first open mic night at the Bath House Cultural Center. This is part of our new Stewpot open mic series to find more storytellers in the DFW area. This event is open to all storytellers, so whether this is your first time telling a story or you just happen to be an experienced performer, we can’t wait to hear your stories!

The day of the show, our host will draw performers’ names from our stewpot/hat and the storyteller will have 5 min to tell us a story based on the night’s theme. All stories must be performed from memory; no notes will be allowed during the live performance.


Prepare a 5min story about a time when you were FEARLESS. The odds were stacked against you but you knew you could do it. Even though it was terrifying you somehow felt calm. You walked on to that playground ready to standup to that bully. You were tired of being called the safe one so it was time to be bold. It was all or nothing I’m going to ask him out or always wonder what if.

If you want to be part of the open mic you can sign up online or in person:

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