2024 El Corazón Exhibition

February 3-March 9, 2024

Reception with the Artists: Saturday, February 3, 2024 (6-9 PM)

Featuring a set by DJ Christy Ray

Curated by Jose Vargas

The Bath House Cultural Center and Dallas curator and artist Jose Vargas are collaborating once again in 2024 for the El Corazón exhibition. This annual show, now in its 29th year, features the contributions of Texas artists working across a variety of media. The partnership between the cultural center and Mr. Vargas has become a consistent and anticipated event in the local arts scene. In 2024, El Corazón continues its tradition of providing a platform for artists to showcase their work and engage with a diverse audience. The exhibition is a testament to the rich artistic landscape of the region, fostering community and creativity among participants. 


El Corazón focuses on the profound and universal symbolism of the human heart, an enduring symbol that has found its place in various works of art throughout history, thanks to its multifaceted aspects and timeless allure as a representation of human emotion and passion. From ancient civilizations to the present day, artists have been drawn to the symbolic richness and emotional resonance embedded in depictions of this universal symbol. Contemporary artists, including the fifty-nine that are featured in the 2024 El Corazón show, continue this tradition by incorporating the heart into their creations, adding their unique perspectives to the ongoing narrative of its significance in art.

The exhibition includes artwork by Olga Arredondo Brock, Rita Barnard, Ed Barr, Monica Barrera, Grady Aaron Bolls, Kimberly Bradshaw Meadows, Derrick Burnett, Amaris Castillo, Sharin Clark, Anysha Cokes, Maureeen Cole, Rebecca Collins, Kaitlyn Cunningham, Sophia De La Rosa, Dale DuBord, Brett Dyer, Ariel Esquivel, Yvonne Faulkner, James Flowers, Merry Fuhrer, Leticia Garceau, Corey Godfrey, Loretta Gonzalez, Linda H. Green, Erica Guajardo, Hector Guerra, Morgan and Robert Hamilton, Haley Hartsfield Spencer, Josh Hickman, Ambar Odalis Hinojoza, Duane Johnson, Braulio Lazon-Conde, Eli Lorenz, Barbara Mabli, Beth Mahy, Romulo Martinez, Adriana Martinez-Mendoza, Monica Melgar, Karla Mora Mora, Lucrecia ‘Gigi’ Morales, Aime Nunez, Amy Palmer, Adriana Rivera, Reyes (Noin) Rivera, Nancy Robbins, Andreina Rodriguez, Mary Rollins Thomas, Evan Sartin, Trai Valentine, Jose Vargas, Tamara Villarma, Allester Vinteers, Keith Williams, Kyle Wood, Wendy Woodring, Carolina Yáñez, and Donna Zarbin-Byrne.

PHOTO CREDITS:  Front – Detail view of artwork by Yvonne Faulkner, Corey Godfrey, Rebecca Collins and Karla Mora Mora.