Ageless Passion 2023

December 2, 2023-January 27, 2024

Reception with the Artists: Saturday, December 2, 2023 (5-7 PM)

Featuring live music by Standards Gazette. Free and open to the public.

The Ageless Passion exhibition returns for its second installment, shining a vibrant spotlight on the often-overlooked DFW artists who have gracefully crossed the age of 65. While the art world frequently thrives on promoting the emergence of fresh, youthful talent, the seasoned artists in our communities often go unnoticed, their profound contributions to culture and the arts largely overshadowed by insufficient exposure. This exhibition seeks to rectify this oversight by showcasing the remarkable artistic achievements and enduring careers of these more mature artists, paying tribute to their decades of dedication and cultural impact.

Ageless Passion serves as a platform to celebrate these artists’ resilience and unwavering passion, offering them the recognition they undeniably deserve. It is a testament to the belief that art knows no age limit and that creativity only flourishes more vibrantly with time. Visitors will be treated to a diverse array of artistic styles, from masterful painters to sculptors, photographers, and mixed-media creators, all sharing their unique experiences and stories through their work. This exhibition is a testament to the idea that the rich tapestry of our local art scene is woven not only by the threads of emerging talents but also by the seasoned hands that have tirelessly crafted its history. Ageless Passion is an invitation to explore and appreciate the living legacy of our elder artists, whose artistic journeys continue to inspire and enrich our cultural landscape.

Dallas artist and curator, Susan Lecky, curated the Ageless Passion exhibition.  

The show features artwork by Donna Finch Adams, Future Akins, Ruda Anderson, Rita Barnard, Sue Benner, David Blow, Becky Bright, Aili Buchanan, Roy Cirigliana, Sue Cobb, Isabel Davis, Walt Davis, Jenny Hong DeLaughter, Jerry Dodd, James Drebelbis, Jan Dreskin-Haig, Barbara Elam, Gisa Elwazir, Candace Faber, Cecelia Feld, Ammie Felder-Williams, Barnaby Fitzgerald, Sandra Freeman, Ann Gaspari, Ronna Gilbert, Susan Golden, Eileen Gregory, Jose Angel Henandez, Bill Holmberg, Teresa Holmberg, Sherry Houpt, Jeff Hukill, Sigrun Hukill, Veronique Jonas, Susan Lecky, Rebecca Low, Jackie Maclelland, Paulette Martsolf, JeanE C McIntosh, Lin Medlin, Gloria Munson, David Newman, Jill Nonnemacher, Kenda North, Gabrielle Pruitt, Esther Ritz, Gail Sachson, Lowell Sargeant, Daniel Sellers, Madeleine Terry, Terri Thoman, Silvia Thornton, Cecilia Thurman, Michael Tichansky, Chip VanPelt, J Alan Whiteside, and Gordon Young.