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Exhibition: OUR, DALLAS GARDEN – March 30-April 27, 2024

Devon Deshaun

Glee! / Bound 1 / Harmony / Synergy

A representation of black culture in various forms internal and externally.

Devon Deshaun is a multi disciplinary from Dallas, Texas. His works are inspired by his childhood in Waco, Texas, and shaped by the voice he wants to share with the world. While attending The Art Institute of Dallas in 2017, he taught himself to paint in his college apartment. Since then, he has crafted his own paint style using a pointillism technique with an expressionist execution.

As a teen visiting galleries, I felt my culture wasn’t represented enough in traditional institutions. With that in mind, I wanted the decided to represent my culture through my voice on the canvas. When started out, I noticed that every artist I looked up to had their own unique style wether it was a painting technique or a message they wanted to portray. I took those parts of what I notice and started to define my own identity as an artist. I continually want to grow in my craft and share my visions with the world.




Ra Kazadi

Juggernauts v2

“Juggernauts: Sugar Ray vs. Hearns” is not merely a depiction of a historical sporting event.  It is an homage to the enduring spirit of competition and excellence. Kazadi’s work invites viewers to feel the tension, the anticipation, and the unparalleled excitement that filled the air whenever these two titans of the boxing world collided.

Bo Knows

Bo Jackson, capturing the iconic moment when Jackson, driven by passion and frustration, broke a bat over his knee. This artwork, measuring 48×48 inches, vividly brings to life the raw emotion and physical power of Jackson in a striking abstract form.

The canvas is dominated by bold, contrasting colors, with the act of breaking the bat rendered in explosive yellows and the background awash in a deep, contemplative blue. This dramatic interplay of colors not only highlights the intensity of the moment but also pays tribute to Jackson’s multifaceted legacy in the realms of both baseball and football.

Ali vs. Holmes

The choice of bold colors reflects the raw energy and fiery passion of the fight, while the contrasting dark background symbolizes the adversity and pain through which they are fighting. The painting is charged with the physicality of their bout, each brushstroke delineating the strain in their bodies, the concentration in their faces, and the determination in their stance.

Kazadi’s work is an evocative tribute to the legendary fighters, capturing not just a moment in sports history, but the sheer will and endurance of the human spirit. It’s a frozen tableau of their grueling contest, a visual echo of the strength and resilience required to not just fight, but to push through when every muscle, every fiber cries out. It’s a testament to the battle that was, and to the fighters who have become enduring symbols of courage and perseverance.



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Emerson Macauley

I am dedicated to crafting captivating works that resonate deeply with viewers on emotional and spiritual levels. My creative process is infused with a passion for storytelling. Through my art, I seek to evoke feelings, stir thoughts, and shift perspective. Each piece I create is a testament to the power of visual expression to transcend boundaries and forge meaningful connections between hearts, minds, and most importantly, God.

Damn…Thats Crazy

“Damn…that’s crazy” delves into a multitude of themes, among which vanity and pride take center stage. It contrasts the noble pride rooted in one’s origins with the detrimental obsession over material possessions for the sake of appearance or prestige, illustrating how such fixation can devastate an individual’s legacy. At its core, however, the piece seeks to narrate the story of my family’s origins and our resilience through adversity. It pays homage to my beautiful homeland, Sierra Leone (Mama Salone), spotlighting the harrowing blood diamond civil war that ravaged the country from approximately 1991 to 2002. This conflict was marked by widespread atrocities, including exploitation, extreme poverty, and the mass killing of over 70,000 people, with more than 10,000 suffering amputations. Moreover, it sheds light on the grim use of child soldiers, underscoring the profound impacts of the war on Sierra Leone’s social fabric.


Rejoice how uniquely God made you to give God glory. God is truly the greatest artist ever and did not make an accident creating you the way he did to the smallest detail. I made this piece after trying to wear the many hats in a social setting to please other people. Doing this, my true identity was lost, causing a ongoing burden of anxiousness. When we walk in the way that we should and remember the royalty that we come from, others can then see and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation in you.


I made Mustardseed as a reminder to myself or anyone seeking God for change not to worry.  As you know, life has its ups and downs, good and bad, but GLORY!  Seriously, glory in your trials and tribulations because we need the hardships to learn and experience God in a real way. That very thing you pray for could be on the other side of your worries if you are still and obedient enough to continue to sow that small seed daily. When you are in tune with God, you develop this understanding that we need the downs and the bads—for it all in the end works for a greater GOOD.


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