Call for Performing Art Proposals

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The Bath House Cultural Center seeks proposals for its 2024-2025 performing arts season. We are filling calendar slots from August 2024 to June 2025 in three potential venues:

·       Bath House Theater – 116 seat capacity, black-box style theater

·       Lake Level – Semi-enclosed lower level space with flexible seating arrangements

·       A Place to Perform – Intimate public art performance area, capacity of 40 seated and additional lawn space.

We welcome proposals from all performing arts styles (theatre, dance, music, storytelling, multidisciplinary, etc.). Scheduling is done in blocks of one to four weeks, inclusive of load in/tech and performance dates. This call for proposals includes one- to three-day events, however these events can only be scheduled after longer runs are in place.

Proposal Deadline: April 12, 2024 at 5pm CT.

Proposals must be received by the deadline. Late proposals will not be considered. Proposals must be submitted electronically through Jotform. You can save and return to the application if you do not wish to complete it at once.


This call is open to performing art companies, cultural producers and/or individual performing art creators. Applicants who have outstanding contracts with the Office of Arts and Culture (OAC) that are not in compliance are not eligible.


Please be aware that there is a rental charge and other fees associated with usage of the Bath House Cultural Center. Rental rates and policies are available on our website at

If you have questions regarding this application or rental procedures, please contact Jessica Trevizo at or Stewart Mikkelsen at


A Review Panel will review and rate all the submitted proposals. The panel will be composed of local art professionals and staff members of the cultural center. All panelists will follow all relevant guidelines and procedures in City Code and Cultural Policy. Information about the panelists will be evaluated in order to ensure that no conflict of interest exists.

Proposals will be assigned slots in the Bath House season calendar based on their panel ratings and consideration of the BHCC season and mission:

The Bath House Cultural Center is dedicated to fostering the growth, development, and quality of multicultural arts within the city of Dallas by emphasizing innovative visual and performing arts as well as other multidisciplinary arts events.

Proposals will be rated on:

  • The overall fit within the Bath House Cultural Center’s programming, mission, season, etc.
  • The contribution the project makes to the citizens of Dallas and/or the arts community in general.
  • How well the audiences will be engaged in an authentic and meaningful cultural activity.
  • The creativity, innovation, uniqueness or interest of the project.
  • How this project will help realize the mission of your company.
  • Past experience with projects at the Bath House Cultural Center, including the quality and professionalism of the projects.


All submissions must be submitted electronically at

The submission form requests information about the following topics: 

  • Company Background
  • Production History
  • Proposed Project
  • Scheduling Needs
  • Marketing Plans
  • Funding

Good Luck! 

Jessica Trevizo 

Manager, Bath House Cultural Center

(214) 670-8722

Stewart Mikkelsen

Performing Arts Coordinator/Technical Director

Bath House Cultural Center

(214) 671-0060