Exhibition: DeepDive

December 3, 2022-January 28, 2023

Reception with the Artists: Saturday, December 3, 2022, from 5 to 7 PM

The Bath House Cultural Center presents DeepDive, and art exhibition that showcases recent art works by East Dallas artists who are part of the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour.  The exhibition runs from December 3, 2022 to January 28, 2023. 

DeepDive highlights the amazing diversity and talent of artists who have participated regularly in the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour, a long-lived event that has been a favorite for many local art lovers.  The Bath House is hosting the  exhibition to celebrate the rich history and enduring tradition of the tour and to reaffirm the strong relationship that the center has developed with the tour and East Dallas artists over the years.

The first WRLA Studio Tour was organized in 1992 by artists Marty Ray, Michael Obranovich and David Hickman.  From the very beginning, the goal of the tour has been to introduce the public to local artists and invite them to visit the unique spaces where they create their work. The studios are located within residential neighborhoods near White Rock Lake. With help of a steering committee of artists, Marty continues to lead and coordinate the event, which has become a well-loved activity for anybody who enjoys seeing the arts thrive in our community. 

DeepDive includes artwork by Chuck Armstrong, Lynn Armstrong,  Matt Bagley, Byron Black,  Rebecca Boatman, John Campbell, Glo Coalson,  Nancy Cole, Dan Collins, Rebecca Collins, Marc Dominus,  Elizabeth Dryden, David Farrell,  Annie Foster, Susan Giller,  Linda Gilpin, Jim Hastings,  Jamie Heavey, Deana Hinchcliff, Sigrun Hukill,  Jeff Hukill, Doug Jochum, Susan Jochum, Clara Johnson,  Larry Paul Jones, Robyn Jorde,  Judith LaPlante, Chris Lyons,  Samuel Chuck McCarter, Laurie McClurg,  Laura Moore, Beverly Ann (BAM) Moore,  Sharon Neel-Bagley, Michael O’Keefe,  Alice O’Leary, Richard Ray, Marty Ray,  GG Reid, Sharon Shero,  Janice Somerville, T Stone,  Silvia Thornton, Cecilia Thurman,  and Lin Trinkle.

Each year, the tour takes place in the middle of October.  For more information about the tour, visit https://www.whiterockartists.com.