Fresh Faces 2×2

Extended Dates: May 7-June 11, 2022

May 7-June 11, 2022

Curated by Rita Barnard

Reception with the Artists: Saturday, May 7, 2022 from 6 to 8 PM, featuring music by Johnny Hooper.

Eleven years after its last installment at the Bath House Cultural Center, the exhibition Fresh Faces 2×2 is making a comeback in 2022.   The show was curated by Rita Barnard, a Dallas visual artist and curator.  The exhibition features twenty-three artists who have not exhibited their work at the Bath House Cultural Center in the past.  The Fresh Faces exhibition introduces unseen and new talent to the Bath House artistic community and creates an ideal environment for artists to share their works with new audiences.

Rita Barnard is a devoted promoter of the arts who has demonstrated a deep interest in identifying unique artistic talent and in creating opportunities for local and regional artists.  Through her previous curatorial projects at the Bath House Cultural Center and other venues, including several exhibitions hosted at her very own art gallery, the Small Gallery, Rita has remained committed to highlighting the remarkable talent of discovered and yet-to-be-discovered artists from the Dallas-Fort Worth region.  By presenting Fresh Faces 2×2, the curator introduces the artists to the cultural center and to the community.  It is the hope of the curator and the center that this initial partnership with the artists will encourage future collaborations at the Bath House and other art spaces.

The artists participating in the 2022 Fresh Faces exhibition are Future Akins, Dan Allen, Cristina Ayala, Roseline Bodiford, Darla Bostick, Elain Chang, Du Chau, Maureen Cole, Dan Collins, David Collins, Glen Gauthier, Bernarda Giacometti, William Haner, Bryan Holguin, Martell Holloway, Tiny Irizarry, Andrea Lamarsaude, CJ Miller, Eliana Miranda, Daniel Moulden, Judi Parks, Jonathan Ramirez, Anastacia Sadeh, Alan Shepard, Kirk Sisco, Pam Southern, and Susan Sponsler-Carstarphen.

The Curator of the exhibition, Rita Barnard, is a celebrated visual artist in Dallas with a long career in visual arts, gallery management, and design.  For years, Rita ran The Small Gallery, in North Dallas, where she promoted the work of local and regional creators.  She has been in the freelance graphic arts business for more than thirty years and she also worked at advertising agencies, and in communications departments of several corporations.