Call for Art – Día de Muertos Exhibition 2023

Entries Deadline: Sunday, September 17, 2023

Applications close at 11:59 PM, Central Time

All entries must be submitted online at

Read this prospectus before submitting entries.

Download a PDF version of this exhibition prospectus HERE

The Bath House Cultural Center is seeking entries for its 37th annual Day of the Dead exhibition.  In 2023, the show is titled Día de Muertos: A Love Letter for the Departed. The exhibition, curated by Enrique Fernández Cervantes, will include art in a variety of media and altar installations by local, regional, and national artists.  


This call is open to all artists who live in the United States.  Art that has been exhibited in previous Día de Muertos exhibitions at the Bath House will not be accepted. Entries that do not meet submission requirements will not be considered and will be disqualified


The tradition of the Day of the Dead is deeply linked to the human desire to stay connected to our loved ones even after they have left.  The holiday is a time of celebration and loving remembrance that offers the community an opportunity to honor dear departed relatives and friends in public settings or intimate places.  

Although we are more familiar with the collective Día de Muertos celebrations that take place in cemeteries, community venues, and, increasingly more popular these days, in spectacular parades and processions, it is worth paying closer attention to the more personal demonstrations of love that occur in more private ways and sites.  Although this festivity is shared and observed by many people at the same time, everyone reconnects with his or her loved ones in unique personal ways.  


The idea of this exhibition is that the Day of the Dead celebration allows us to convey a message of persistent love.  The show will feature works of art that are used as a love letter for the departed.  The pieces can depict various Day of the Dead themes that are appealing to the artists, but they should include a message of affection in written form.  The texts can be integrated with the piece itself or printed and mounted on the wall next to the artwork. 

The exhibition will also feature altars and ofrendas created by local artists.  

Although we understand that some of the works of art (particularly the altars) may include solemn themes, we recommend that artists keep the idea of festivity in mind while creating their entries.  The Day of the Dead is meant to be a joyful occasion. 


Art in all media will be considered.  All art must be framed, wired, and suitable for hanging/displaying.  

There are no restrictions on the size of the artwork but bear in mind that artists are responsible for the transportation of their works and their prompt removal after the show closes.

Altar installations must be coordinated with the curator. Because of insurance restrictions, the use of irreplaceable items in altars is discouraged. Candles can be used for display only and must not be lit. We discourage the use of perishable items, such as food and flowers. 


An entry fee is not required. Unfinished artwork will not be reviewed.  

All the entries, including altar proposals, must be submitted online at

Artists may submit a maximum of two works of art for the curator’s consideration. The Bath House Cultural Center will not accept files submitted on USB drives, memory cards, or by e-mail.


Artists who wish to build an altar must submit their proposals using the link above.  You will be asked to provide a description of your altar and a photograph of the completed altar (if possible), or preliminary sketches of the structure and elements of the installation.

Due so space limitations, only 5-7 altars will be selected.  Altars cannot exceed 50 inches in width and depth, but they can be up to 8 or 10 feet in height.


Submit sharp images that are saved as high resolution files.  Our entries platform can accept files that are up to 5MB in size.  Larger files are easier to review by the curator and are likely to be used for publicity.

Most cell phones have cameras that take high resolution images.  If that is not the case with your mobile device,  we recommend that you use a regular camera or that you ask a photographer to capture your art.  For more advice, you may refer to the Tips for Photographing Your Artwork” HERE.


The curator will make a final decision for the selection of entries for the show.  He will review photographs of completed artwork only and will select 40-60 pieces for the exhibition.  The decision of the curator is final and indisputable.

Permission to photograph and reproduce accepted entries for promotional and educational purposes is considered granted unless otherwise indicated by the artist. 

Submission of entries constitutes agreement to the conditions set forth in this prospectus and in the  Gallery Policy for Exhibitions.  View the policy at:

Printed copies of the policy may also be obtained from the Bath House staff upon request.


Bath House Cultural Center employees are not allowed to accept payments from prospective art buyers, but they may choose to collect contact information from them and supply it to artists.  Transactions for the purchase of artwork shall be directly between the purchaser and the artist or his/her official agent.  The Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center would gladly accept a 15% voluntary donation on all art sold during the exhibition


Any accepted artwork that is delivered after the scheduled date of delivery will not be included in the exhibition. All artworks should be either shipped (at the artist’s expense) or hand-delivered to and from the Bath House. The Bath House Cultural Center will not be responsible for damage, loss, or deterioration of any work while in transit. All reasonable care will be given to each work of art once it is received. 

At its discretion, the City of Dallas Office Arts and Culture will provide insurance on most works of art. At times, the City of Dallas may refuse to insure certain pieces of art.  In such cases, the artist will be notified and, if the artist chooses to include her/his artwork in the show without insurance coverage, the artist will be asked to sign a waiver releasing the gallery from any liability. The Bath House will not be responsible for art that is damaged while in the custody of the center because of defective hanging or installation mechanisms that were provided/installed by the artists.  As an added precaution, artists have the option to purchase coverage separately from their own insurance providers.


Entries deadline: Sunday, September 17, 2023

Selection notification:  Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023

Posted online at 6 PM at

The notification will include the names of the selected artists (including altar artists) and will be available after 6 PM.  Artists are responsible for reviewing this list.  The curator will not send acceptance notifications to each individual artist by phone, e-mail, or otherwise.

In-person art deliveries: Tuesday, October 3, 2023 (4-7 PM). Late deliveries will not be accepted.

Art shipments: Art shipments must arrive between September 24-October 4, 2023.

Installation of altars: Altar artists can start bringing their items to the gallery on October 3, but they cannot begin installing until Saturday, October 7 (12-6 PM).  

Show dates: October 14-November 4, 2023

Reception: Sunday, October 15, 2023 (5-7 PM)

Artwork pickup: Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2022 (2-7 PM)

Return of shipped artwork:  Artwork that comes from outside of DFW will be shipped back to the artists on the second week of December.


According to an ancient Mexican tradition, every year the spirits of the dead come back to visit with their families. This occasion happens on All Saints Day (Nov 1) and on the Day of the Dead (Nov 2). During the celebration, many people clean and decorate cemeteries with flowers, and they build elaborate altars with offerings to the dead in their homes to welcome back each family’s departed souls. The altars include food, special gifts, candles, flowers, and other commemorative personal items that were enjoyed and cherished by the person who is being honored.

The Day of the Dead tradition sustains the conviction that life and death are inseparable. Those who embrace this attitude live intensely for the moment because they recognize that there is an end to life.


Please contact the exhibition curator,

Enrique Fernández Cervantes at (214) 670-8723 or