Tempus Peregrinari: A Time Travel Exhibition

May 6-June 3, 2023

Reception with the Artists: Saturday, May 6, 2023 (5-7 PM)

Featuring live music by Vanessa Nates and Héctor Alfonso Torres González

The subject of time travel has held the attention of people from all walks of life for centuries.  It is easy to see why this topic has been examined considerably by those in the fields of physics and philosophy and by people in general.  Artists are not immune to the allure of the idea of traveling through time and that appeal has resulted in the creation of riveting films, literature, and other forms of performing and visual arts that investigate the fascinating possibilities of transporting oneself from one point in time to another.

The Tempus Peregrini exhibition features artists from Texas and guest artists from New York, Poland, and Belgium.  The works included in the show explore various forms of time travel.  The exhibition includes paintings, prints, photographs, video, and mixed media art that depict movement through time and space in a serious or lighthearted way.  The featured pieces are inspired by science, literature, mythology, and the artists’ own viewpoints concerning the time-related theme.  A few of the recurring subjects that are viewed in this exhibition are science fiction, time machines, wormholes, teletransporters, Tipler cylinders, bridges through space, encounters with people and creatures from other eras, and invented time-travel devices that were created in the artist’s imagination.  Although most of the pieces portray representations of physical transference through time, some of the works also explore spiritual or philosophical ideas about returning to the past or leaping into the future.

The exhibition features works by Chibuzo Amajor, Rita Barnard, Elizabeth Bentley, Bob Berry, David Blow, Carter Cordes, Drew Daleo, Jorge Domínguez Cruz, The Artist Dub, Suedabeh Ewing, James Flowers, Jacque Forsher, Nick Glenn, Jim Hastings, Ben Heine, Duke M. Horn, Lisa Huffaker, Jeff Hukill, Karen Jacobi, Duane Johnson, John Koch, Sandy Kulkarni, Braulio Lazón Conde, Roberta Masciarelli, Cyndi McDonnell, Michael McKenzie, Anthony Mikkelson, Kelly Morris, Skip Myers, Andriy Nemchenko, Kevin Nichols, Liz Olsson, Ernest Perez, Guinn Powell, Glenys M. Quick, Allison R. Rosenheim, Lesley Rucker, Rosalía Salazar, Evan Sartin, Raul Servin, Nancy Shellito, Stan Smith, Julie E. Trevino, Roch Urbaniak, Jose Vargas, VET, Keith Williams, and Kyle Wood.

The exhibition was curated by Enrique Fernández Cervantes, Visual Arts Coordinator and Curator of the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture.