Thank You

Thank you for making your appointment to view our current art exhibition at the Bath House Cultural Center.

Please refer to the Health and Safety Guidelines posted at THIS LINK before your visit.  All visitors must comply with the guidelines shown on that page.  Make sure that all the people in your party (if you are visiting us as a group) are aware of the guidelines. We recommend that you bookmark this page for future reference.

If you need to cancel your reservation, send an email to or as soon as possible.  

You will need to fill out another appointment form if you want to visit us on a different date.  The staff will not be able to re-schedule your visit for you. They will not be able to add more people to your party once the reservation has been confirmed, either.

What to Do on the Day of Your Visit

  1. Please be at the venue about 10-15 minutes before your visit time. 
  2. Call the staff at (214) 670-8723 or (214) 670-0060 to let them know that you have arrived.  Stay in your vehicle or in our front porch and wait until a staff member answers your call or until he opens the door for you.  

  3. If other people are leaving after their visit while you are at the door, please give them ample room to move out of the building.

  4. There will be hand sanitizer bottles at the check-in table, if you need to use them.  The staff will ask you to wear your masks, if you have forgotten to put them on.  The staff might also inquire whether anybody in your group has experienced any COVID-19 symptoms since the time you submitted your appointment form.

  5. You will be given 30 minutes to view the art show.  You may lose some of your allocated time if you arrived late. After your time is up, the staff will direct you to the exit door.

Our address is 521 E. Lawther Dr., Dallas, TX 75218.  We are located on the eastern shore of White Rock Lake, at the end of Northcliff Drive off of Buckner Blvd.

Thank you.  We look forward to seeing you at the Bath House Cultural Center.