2021 Virtual Art Mart

2nd Annual Virtual Art Mart • 2021

Sponsored by the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center

In addition to the in-person Art Mart (November 19-21, 2021), the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center are presenting the 2021 Virtual Art Mart.

The virtual Art Mart is an online showcase of North Texas visual artists that provides information about the artists, photographs of their art, and links to their websites and/or social media accounts to prospective buyers.  The virtual Art Mart is another tool that the Art Mart organizers are using to support and promote the artists from our community.

Artists’ Submission and Participation Guidelines


November 29 – Deadline to advise interest in participating in Virtual Art Mart 2021.
Send an email to communications@friendsofthebathhouse.org to tell us that you want to join the Virtual Art Mart.

December 1 – Online submission of materials deadline

December 5-23 – Virtual Art Mart Gallery open to public


This prospectus is for the virtual Art Mart only. The application period for the physical Art Mart is now closed and the artists juried for the in-person Art Mart have been selected. If you have been selected to participate in the in-person Art Mart, please pay your fee as advised in your acceptance notice sent by the Bath House but follow these instructions in preparation and delivery of your images and information if you wish to participate on-line as well.


As it was established in 2020, the virtual mart is not just about our artists’ galleries, but how you will provide us your materials, and how we collect fees.

All images of your work and written information should be uploaded to box.com, the Cloud storage platform, HERE.

This link will connect you directly to the Virtual Art Mart 2021 folder. Place all images and documents into a single zip (PC) or compressed (Mac) file that is titled with your name or business before uploading. Please note that the platform will not accept folders with multiple files. Only a zipped file will be able to upload.


To deliver an enjoyable shopping experience to your customers, the website is designed so that guests may select viewing your wares by category. Select up to two categories to list your work from the following categories:

Painting | Mosaics | Ceramics | Photography | Jewelry | Glass | Mixed Media/Collage | Illustration |

Printmaking | Textiles | Sculpture.

Please limit your categories to the ones listed here.


  1. Up to 6 images of your work (see Image File Preparation below for preparing your images).
  2. On an editable file (Word, PDF, etc.) provide:
  • Your name and or/business as you would like it to appear.
  • Your email address.
  • Your website address and other web presence addresses (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, etc.) to be linked to your virtual booth. Since we want to provide our visitors with the most convenient access to your web presences, provide the full address of your sites (for example, https:/instagram.com/imastar/, not instagram: #Imastar).
  • Prices for the artwork we are displaying in your virtual booth. For example, Mary Merry Market 1: $50.00, Mary Merry Market 2: $30.00, etc.
  • Other individual descriptions of your work that may interest your visitors such as the name of your art (if appropriate) size, materials, etc. The file name of your images should be noted with each individual description, for example, Mary Merry Market 1 = “White Rock Pier.” 8×10 photo on matte paper, $45.00.
  • The category(s) you wish to have your work identified with. Please limit to no more than two.
  • A brief statement (preferably not more than two sentences) that in general reflects you, your process, and/or the artwork you are offering for sale.


Because your images are your initial introduction to potential customers, please ensure that your photographs best represent your products with clarity and accuracy.

Save images as high resolution JPEGs (300 dpi preferred).

Name each of your images with either your name or your business name and a unique number, i.e., Mary Merry Market 1, Mary Merry Market 2, etc.

In the instance where you name your individual work, pair the name of your artwork with the jpeg name.  For example: Cranes in Flight = Mary Merry Market 1.

Please do not watermark your images.


All fees (for the Virtual Art Mart only) should be made through our website HERE.

If you were selected for the in-person Art Mart, your fee to participate in the Virtual Art Mart is $10. If you did not apply to be in the Art Mart or were not one of the artists selected, you may join the Virtual Art Mart for $20.

Although PayPal serves as the payment gateway, please know you do not need an account to submit your fee. PayPal will provide a choice to pay via credit/debit card in the event you do have an account. You will receive a confirming email that your payment has been received.

Please do not send a check for the virtual Art Mart.  If you already sent a check for the virtual Art Mart, send an email to communications@friendsofthebathhouse.org so we can credit you for your payment.


Like other Art Marts in the past, you will be responsible for communicating, selling your work directly to your customers, and delivering their purchases. The Friends will not collect funds for any wares, nor will they hold your work for pick-up by purchasers.


The Friends will be advertising in the White Rock Weekly, The Advocate, and Facebook. In addition, we will run a social media campaign over Facebook (in addition to our paid ad), Twitter, and Instagram, as well as through MailChimp emails to the Media and our 6,000 ++ mailing list! Large posters will be on display in the Bath House’s kiosk to the north of the building and the Parks and Recreation will have a call to action on the lake signs. Likewise, the Bath House Cultural Center will highlight this event on its website, newsletters, and Facebook.


Artists retain full rights to their images. The Friends will use your images for publicity purposes only.


If you have a question or need assistance, please email communications@friendsofthebathhouse.org with your comment(s) and a phone number where we may reach you during the day.