White Rock Rollin’ The Lake

Saturday, October 29, 2022

12-4 PM • Parking lot and lake level of the Bath House Cultural Center

The Bath House Cultural Center presents its first ever steamroller printmaking event in October, in conjunction with its current exhibition Día de Muertos: Estampas de Vida, which celebrates the art of printmakers in 2022.  Close to thirty local and regional artists will print their work in this program coordinated by Dallas artist Terri Thoman.  

Printmaking has always been a community-oriented art form, but when you place the studio outdoors and use road equipment for a press, it becomes a spectator art form!  The participating artist began preparing for this event months in advance, designing images and carving them into the surface of a wood panel.  The event coordinator procures the tools and supplies needed for the Big Print Day, as well as the most important element, the steamroller.

On the Print Day, all the artists work together as a team, from setting up, to printing, displaying the artwork, and clean up.  It is a well-choreographed dance that the public will enjoy watching. 

The goal is not only to help artist produce large scale prints, but to engage the public, inviting them to watch and participate, introducing them to an art form usually cloaked in mystery.  Each artist has an opportunity to share their work with the public and create conversations that would not otherwise exist.  There is something quite satisfying for the artist, to hear the awes from the audience as their print is pulled off the board and viewed for the first time. 

Participating Artists: Andrew Abraham, Katie Babb, Kenna Bole Prior, Judy Childs, Brian Coats, Barbara Elam, Heather Evans, Susan Giller, Nina Harp, Mark Hernandez, Jena Jessen, Esther Kibby, Hunter Lee, Julie Lynne, Sonjia Marshall, Jackie McLelland, Anne Melville-Blackburn, Beverly Ann Moore, Jenny Olsson, Sherry Owens, Junanne Peck, Paige Prater, Maysa Sem, Brad Ford Smith, Terri Thoman, Cecelia Thurman, and Tessa Wilson.

Iron Frog Press’ PrintShop a Go-Go™

In addition to the steamroller printmaking event, the Bath House will also host a series of demonstrations by Iron Frog Press’ PrintShop a Go-Go, a mobile printing workshop that is excellent for sharing the virtues of printmaking to anyone anytime. Iron Frog’s printing process does not require a press as it uses the Print Frog Glass Baren, a hand printing tool that makes it possible for kids and adults to master printing quickly.