The Eye of White Rock Lake: Photographs by Adam Velte

July 6-August 10, 2024

Reception with the Artist: Saturday, July 6 (6-8 PM). Featuring live music by Kamica King.

Local photographer Adam Velte captures the beauty and diverse sights of White Rock Lake Park in his new exhibition, The Eye of White Rock Lake.  Adam, who manages Green Spot Market and Fuels within walking distance of the lake, has spent the past four years capturing the essence of the place he loves.  This collection features some of his most exciting work, many of which have become favorites among collectors. Adam’s dedication to photographing White Rock Lake Park is evident in every image, showcasing his passion as both a resident and an artist.

The goal of this exhibition is to inspire the community with the same beauty that White Rock Lake has inspired in Adam. Visitors will see a range of familiar and unique landscapes, including stunning compositions of birds, trees, flowers, and sailboats. Each photograph beautifully displays the park’s natural charm and elegance. Adam hopes that patrons will enjoy his commitment to recording the magnificence of one of Dallas’s most popular recreational areas and feel a deeper connection to the park through his artistic vision.

Artist Statement

“I walk the trails and banks of White Rock Lake Park every day. It is my inspiration and my time out from work. The walks and expansive views alleviate daily stress. During my walk one day, I gave notice to the light around me. It seemed to have a wonderful glow to it as it was an early sunset in winter and the bare trees looked like fashion models standing on the shoreline. I took notice. I began to capture many scenes before me during this walk and the days after with each visit along the trails of the park. 

Coming home with an inspiring energy and a collection of photographs to gaze upon, I decided to go all in and dedicate my time to shape my captures into an art form. Looking back to my past life as a young art student, I feel the time has come to create visual art once again. Now, I look ahead into each day for the opportunity to co-create with nature and my camera at the lake. The location has all I need: The water, the trees, plants, and birds. They all infuse into my images as the ingredients to the perfect recipe for creating something visually artistic and satisfying for me to enjoy and to share with others. It is my goal to continue this art form for as long as I can visit the lake and hold my camera.”

To see Adam’s work, visit his website at or

This exhibition is supported by the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture (Community Arts Pop-Up Cultural Center). Live music is provided by the Community Artist Program.